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Staying in Control

By Diana Seow Wednesday, 29 May, 2019

Different staff will have different level of access depending on their position and roles. Different staff will have different level of access depending on their position and roles.

In recent years, many Malaysian businesses are slowly but surely getting their foot in the door of digitalisation. This has catapulted local businesses to implement software into their daily operations process, improving overall efficiency and maximising the business' potential. From software to social media, almost every platform requires a login. It is not advisable to share any logins or passwords as it poses a high risk. In a business, it is vital to have different logins for each staff to mitigate business risks and prevent data stealing, loss or corruption. The access control in Kreloses helps business owners to grant minimum access and resources to their staff to get things done.

In Kreloses, having a different login for each staff ensures the confidentiality and security of personal and business information which are essential to minimise exposure to risks and threats. Business owners will be able to set designated access control for each security groups. Depending on which security group the staff falls under and the granted permission level, they may or may not be able to access certain areas of the business to protect the confidentiality of the business owner. Likewise, business owners can also grant managers a wider access which they can then utilise the additional information such as dashboard analytics to manage the branch accordingly.

Staff accessibility can easily be edited and managed all through one screen in Kreloses.Staff accessibility can easily be edited and managed all through one screen in Kreloses.

As each employee has a unique login and profile, business owners will be able to track business activities clearly. Whenever something is created, edited or deleted, it will be recorded in the field's history with the identity of the person that did it. With this, it will be easier to rectify any issues as business owners can simply check the history log to find out where and when was the issue occurred. This will guarantee the transparency of the entire operations process as no information can be concealed. Therefore, it is a crucial point that logins should not be shared with anyone to prevent any misuse and inaccurate identification.

Such feature is convenient and ensures the business' confidentiality. Business owners will be able to manage their business and staff respectively and efficiently even if they are not physically present. Every employee plays a different role in the business such as receptionist, veterinarian and assistant. By specifying distinct permission levels, they will be able to execute or perform tasks practically without getting distracted. Sharing logins or passwords can make both personal and professional data vulnerable to various threats and risks. It is a highly important rule to not share login details in order to protect the business, minimise unidentifiable problems and to boost both staff and business efficiency. Managing user access control with Kreloses is simple and ensuring the security of all data including business information is of our utmost priority.

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