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Standing Firm in our Belief

By Diana Seow Monday, 8 April, 2019

Soo is managing her customer records through Kreloses and scheduling her work appointments using the Kreloses Calendar.Soo is managing her customer records through Kreloses and scheduling her work appointments using the Kreloses Calendar.

The software industry in Malaysia is so dynamic that there are countless software companies sprouting and folding every other day. It is hard to start a business and it is even more difficult to sustain it. Some companies are short-lived due to mismanagement or financial difficulties and customers are forced to contemplate between other similar products before making a switch in this situation. As 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) type of business gains popularity, the local software industry is slowing gaining its momentum with an increasing number of players emerging in the field. Undeniably another highly competitive landscape, only the fittest will survive.

Kreloses strongly believes that all software companies should use their own product on a daily basis. We have been using our own software, Kreloses, to operate ever since our company's establishment. We believe in our product and what we do as a team, hence we are using Kreloses to run the company and manage ourselves. This is one of the best ways to instil confidence in potential clients and the general public in our company and software. Not only that, it will present a positive first impression as well.

Shivam, the head of support, is assisting and answering customersShivam, the head of support, is assisting and answering customers' support tickets through Kreloses.

We use Kreloses to run and manage our own business. Our sales team schedule appointments and training sessions using the Kreloses Calendar, in which we also record our staff leaves and company events in it. We bill our customers via automated invoicing and quote potential customers which can be converted to a sale easily if negotiations are successful using Kreloses. We hold discussions and plan strategies based on various analysis reports generated by Kreloses. Support tickets are answered and messages are sent to the customers through Kreloses as well. Evidently, most of our tasks revolve around Kreloses and we are constantly adding new features to Kreloses to cover more areas of responsibilities everyday.

Implementing our own software in the operations process enables us to detect any problems or issues as soon as possible before our customers encounter them. It will give us in-depth knowledge and understanding of our own product which in turn, allows us to serve our customers better, giving them the best quality of service with firsthand experience obtained from using our system. Furthermore, we are able to grasp contextual information provided by our customers quicker whenever they are requesting for support. Thus, answers can be provided at a faster rate thanks to the fundamentals built in our minds and customers' problems can be solved without the need for them to wait longer than necessary.

A photo of me when I was writing this article in KrelosesA photo of me when I was writing this article in Kreloses' news feed before scheduling it for publishing.

Many software companies do not use their own software and that is usually where insidious problems occur. If it is not good enough for you, why should the customers use it? A number of software companies take advantage of trending technology which would be the cloud system in this case and simply transform an old system to cloud-based. It is an ineffective way with few to no benefits because it takes more than just changing an old system to make a great product. Great software do not only need an advanced system but also progressive features and continuous development.

Some companies are just hopping onto the cloud-system bandwagon hoping to earn a coin or two by developing a product close to other legacy software. In this situation, there will be multiple software with identical features and in a worse situation, they are slow to improve over time and will eventually turn out to be a weaker player in the survival battle. We believe in the value of Kreloses, that's why we run our business with Kreloses on a daily basis and the feedback of our customers reinforce this conclusion for us everyday.

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