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Embracing Excellence in Pet Care: The Berta Vet Care Story with Kreloses

By Nurashikin Binti Rozzano Tuesday, 14 November, 2023

Team Photo of The Berta Vet CareTeam Photo of The Berta Vet Care

Introducing Berta Vet Care to the Kreloses family is a delightful moment for us. Nestled at Nanggulan Km.19 DIY, Indonesia, this clinic is more than just a place for pet care; it's a heartwarming haven for our furry friends. Dr. Claudia, DVM, and Pak Tian, the dynamic duo behind this venture, have dedicated a couple of years to perfecting the art of pet care. Their clinic boasts a cheerful and vibrant team, all sharing an extraordinary bond with your beloved pets. Berta Vet Care is the place to be when your pets need a little extra tender loving care. Here, your furry companions are treated with the utmost respect and care, just as if they were royalty.

What makes Berta Vet Care truly exceptional is their unique ability to blend a pet shop and a pet clinic into a harmonious system. By adopting Kreloses, they have simplified their management, making it easy to oversee both aspects of their business without the need for multiple software solutions. With Kreloses, monitoring sales and maintaining smooth operations has never been easier. We at Kreloses extend our heartfelt thanks to Berta Vet Care for choosing us this journey. Your trust in us brings boundless joy, and we're excited to support your clinic's continued success." 🐾🌟πŸ₯

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