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CityPaws Dog & Cat Clinic, based in Quezon City, Metro Manila

By Jen Soo Wednesday, 8 March, 2023

Dr. Shaileen Chan and her teamDr. Shaileen Chan and her team

CityPaws Dog & Cat Clinic, located in Quezon City, Metro Manila, is a veterinary clinic dedicated to providing quality care for pets.

Before using Kreloses, Dr. Shaileen Chan, the clinic's owner, was careful in choosing the right system to manage their pet care services. They conducted extensive research and compared different systems available in the market. Ultimately, they chose Kreloses as their preferred software.

After training their team, CityPaws Dog & Cat Clinic took some time to pick up the system. However, with a strong commitment to improving their internal processes and pushing their team to use the system, they have become active users of Kreloses since December 2022.

We wish CityPaws Dog & Cat Clinic continued success in their mission to provide high-quality pet care to their patients.

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