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and receive upto 50% off your subscription for 4 months

Conditions apply, please read below.

How do I make a referral?

Simply ask the person you are referring to send us a message on any of the following channels. Tell them to include your personal or business name so we know you referred them.
  • Email:
  • Whatsapp: +60-11-2600-7971

Can I refer more than one company?

Yes. You will receive 4 months at a 50% discount for each company you refer. For example, if you referred 3 companies you would receive 50% off your subscription for a whole year.

What are the conditions for receiving the referral discount?

There are only two conditions.
  • The company you refer activates and pays the balance on their account.
  • You must be an existing customer.

How will the discount be applied to my subscription?

The discount will be automatically applied to your next billing period, so you will see the difference on your next issued invoice.

Can I refer lower value plans?

Yes you can, but you will receive a lower discount value. To receive the 50% discount off the value of your plan, you must refer the same size plan or larger. If you refer a smaller plan you will receive a discount value equal to that of 50% of the referred plan value.

What happens if the customer I refer does not pay their account?

If the referred customer does not activate or does not pay their account, your discount will not be applied for that month.

What if the referred customer's subscription or my subscription is annual?

We will always calculate the effective monthly rate and base the 50% discount on that rate. The discount is always applied to your next billing period.

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